Website Design

Website Design – The Beginning Steps of an Online Business

4 Steps to a Professional Website

Step 1: Discuss

Website design process consists of 4 basic steps. First, we meet with you via personal meeting or by phone and have a chat and brain storm about what type of website you desire, the type of functions your website will need and your branding. We will discuss ideas for your domain name if you haven’t already got one and web hosting and logo. If you already have a logo then you will need to send it to us for the website design phase. If you don’t have a logo, then we can discuss about designing you one. We will also discuss other issues about your website concerning website content, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Optimization and other available services we provide.

Step 2: Design

Our creative and technical team gets together and layout a website design according to our discussion with you. Then each one of us begins to implement the design, branding and functions according to your requests. Website Design Fort Worth

Step 3: Develop

Once we present you with a layout of your website and have your approval, then our team goes to work in developing the website to the layout’s design, functionality and branding.

Step 4: Deliver

We don’t launch your website until we have your approval. Timing is everything. We check and recheck for any possible issues or glitches before we launch the website to the public. We perform a quality check to make sure all sections work correctly, test the site on various platforms, verify links and then, launch your professionally looking and functioning website.

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