About Us: Internet Marketing Solutions (IMS)

About the Company, Internet Marketing Solutions (IMS) is a full-service Internet marketing company. We provide our clients professional Internet marketing solutions that drives traffic to their online business. We specialize in providing results driven integrated online marketing solutions for small to medium businesses. Companies come to us because our team of well-respected industry experts has the talent and creativity to provide your business with a more sophisticated approach to online marketing.

Linda Kasper is the founder and owner of Internet Marketing Solutions. She has been working in online marketing and SEO for the past 7 years, using both to successfully build and integrate new marketing opportunities and strategies for b2b and b2c industries. Linda first began working as a copywriter and consultant for small businesses. She enjoys working personally with small business owners by helping them establish and maintain an Internet presence. Linda continually keeps up with the latest marketing techniques and uses top of the line marketing tools and software so she can offer her clients the newest and best online marketing experience.

Linda worked as a freelance copywriter in Texas in 2006. She worked as a freelancer in marketing and copywriting. She developed marketing collateral and worked as a freelance Marketing Director. Then Linda and her husband moved to Florida to be part of a small company. When the business closed, Linda and her husband began their own company, The Kasper Group. Linda and her husband Eddie obtained clients while living in Florida. Eddie became the sole business owner of The Kasper Group while Linda founded Emerald Writing Services in October 2008 as a freelance copywriter. Linda and Eddie moved back to her home state of Texas in January 2011 and established her new company, Internet Marketing Solutions in Haslet, TX.

Linda has a team of creative and technical professionals so she offers a full Internet marketing service to her clients. Her husband Eddie is a website developer who has been working in his field since 2004. Together they make a great team along with a programmer in California and a graphic artist who lives in Japan.

If you are interested in joining the Internet Marketing Solutions team then send your resume along with your portfolio.

Please contact Linda for any online marketing services that you may require. Linda is always happy to discuss and consult with you about your online business or personal website. Linda will refer to you what actions you would need to take to establish a positive online presence.

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